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Community Challenge

What it is

The Campus Community Challenge (3C) is a USG-sponsored civic-engagement initiative dedicated to promoting Princeton’s culture of service. Civic engagement is a way of life here on campus – find a way to get involved!

How it works

You can log your own service hours! Being signed up for 3C carries no responsibilities or obligations – it just gives you the opportunity to keep track of your own service activities and to express the importance of service in your life by sporting 3C thank-yous like t-shirts and wristbands. Civic engagement is part of what it means to be at Princeton – wear it proudly!

How to get involved

Every student can burst that Orange Bubble and incorporate community service into the activities they love – whether that’s tutoring, helping at a food bank, volunteering at a hospital, or none of the above. If you’re in a dance, a cappella, or theater group, put on a show at a local nursing home. If you write for a publication, write a letter to a soldier overseas. If you love to knit, make scarves for the homeless.

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